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Launch of the New Tree Planting Program – Help to Save our Mother Earth with Actions

Launch of the New Tree Planting Program – Help to Save our Mother Earth with Actions

The cause of the 2nd Largest Fire in Santa Cruz California.

We are proud to announce our new Tree Planting Program in Green Heart Springs! Many of us already know that Global Warming is happening, but wondering what can we do to help our earth? Here is what you can make a difference right now and AS OF TODAY!

As for every $100 of your donation to this program, Green Heart Springs will plant one baby tree on this earth in the California Santa Cruz Mountain! Don’t just talk about it, but DO IT! Take the Action and Lets plant a tree. We will send you pictures of the tree once we planted and take care of it for the life of the tree.

As part of our appreciation for your donations, you will receive two of our Handmade Natural Soap bars. Together, we can have the better earth.

Our mission is to “To make use of every plant, leaves, branches that our Mother Nature provides and to Have a Simple Better Natural Life.” Make sure to check out our product here as your support to us too!

Santa Cruz Mountain Farming – Pumpkin plants and Barn cats

Images and Music – Copyrights by Green Heart Springs 2020

Welcome to Green Heart Springs and Thank you for your support by watching our videos. This year we finally have some pumpkins without eaten by rodents because last year we started to have barn cats, we are very happy! They are our heroes! Mountain farming are generally harder because there big and small animals that always eyeing on the plants. Happy Farming! Don’t forget to subscribe to us AND visit our website WWW..GHSS.CO We have many natural products that are ready to ship to you!