Redwood Forest Natural Plant Based Perfume – 30mL

Gender neutral cologne/perfume for the forest lovers with our non-alcohol based formula.

With our hand harvested from Pollution Free of the Top of Santa Cruz Mountain in Northern California, using Redwood Needles Distilled Essential Oil, Douglas Fir Needles Distilled Essential Oil and Laurel Bay Distilled Essential Oil, combines with Pure Vegan Non-GMO Fractionated Coconut oil to create this after rain in the Redwood Forest scent from Santa Cruz Mountain in Northern California. Take this Natural Santa Cruz Redwood Forest to your home today.


Scent Notes:

Fresh rain in Redwood Forest

Coastal Air from Santa Cruz Beaches



Steam distilled essential oils from sustainably harvested plants.

100% Plant Based

Redwood Needles Distilled Essential Oil

Douglas Fir Needles Distilled Essential Oil

Laurel Bay Distilled Essential Oil


Made from Unique Santa Cruz Coastal Redwood

USA Handmade American California Coastal Redwood, from the top of the Santa Cruz Mountain.

Pure, Clean and No Pollutions.


All of our products are eco-friendly and environmentally conscience. We use fallen trees and branches from the Top of the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, which allows us to have negatively impacting our environment. All of our heart is in this business. We truly love what we do and believe in quality products, which is represented in all of our work.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to place a custom order. Enjoy your shopping and thank you for checking out Green Heart Springs.